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6 Ways to Be an Even Better Instructor (Part 1 of 2)

Below are some great ideas to think about as you begin or continue your career in the Pilates industry. Not only for new instructors, but also for those who have been teaching Pilates for a while and have watched their client based grow, this first part of a two part series provides some fresh ideas or good reminders that have worked well for those in the Pilates industry. 1)   Follow up Whether it’s a new client or one you’ve worked with for a long time, it’s a good idea to follow up after the session with either a quick email or text. By asking them how they feel after the workout or congratulating them on completing a particularly challenging routine, you’re reinforcing your commitment to both their workout and your professional relationship with them. 2)   Recollect, recall and KEEP NOTES! Regardless of how long the client has been working with … Read More

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Revisiting the Inhale

One of the things I have discovered as more clients’ progress towards an advance Pilates workoutis that as instructors, what we choose to emphasize through cues, corrections and use of imagery is very often embodied by the client. What we ask them to imagine or think of while working out can often become deliberate actions that are evident in their movements. In many ways, this is exactly the goal we aspire for them to achieve; as we cue a client to engage their abdominals and keep their hip bones pointed directly ahead when standing, we want them to take those images and integrate it into their everyday activities. But, by falling into a habit of overusing common cues and corrections we can lose sight of how they are interpreted and might limit their progress. For example, when working with clients at Studio³, I often cue a client’s breathing pattern as … Read More

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Retaining Clients

One of the greatest challenges for Pilates instructors is how to keep things new and exciting for long term clients. This is particularly true at the beginning of a new year, when many clients are looking to mix up their weekly workouts by adding variety or perhaps by integrating a new workout regime into their schedule. Quite simply put, while the beginning of a new year can introduce new clients to your Pilates studio, it can also be a time when old clients may stray if their workouts in the Pilates studio become boring or stagnant. However, by plugging in some or all of the suggestions below, not only will you retain clients, but the physical results of their workout might prove to be even more rewarding and apparent than ever before. After all, variety is the spice of life and while a fully certified Pilates instructor has a large … Read More

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Global Stability Systems

Why we chose to offer this workshop Often times, Pilates instructors are at a loss of how to program innovatively. Whether you’re a new instructor looking to add new programming ideas or an experienced instructor who is stuck doing the same exercises (but in a different order) for each client, this workshop is meant to give you the tools to challenge clients safely and progressively. Our hope is that you’ll learn how to work them through a series of exercises that moves them from a focus of stability to mobility within the same workout. The goal of this workshop is for participants to understand the value of the global stability systems within the body and how they can be a great source on which to focus your programming. Instead of following a routine that moves a client from one piece of equipment to the next to fill up the session, … Read More

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The Myths of Stretching

Why we chose to offer this workshop This topic was chosen to stir debate, prompt questions and clarify a few common misunderstandings about stretching! With the professional insight of Joanna Speller, we hope this 5 hours workshop will shed some light onto commonly asked questions about stretching. In our experience, most clients’ setup incorrectly for a pose or stretch and the outcome is very often “I don’t feel it”. More often than not, they are stretching the incorrect muscles, which over time can defeat the purpose of adding stretches into a workout. For example, how often do clients reveal that a stretch meant to target the hamstrings is ending up in their lower backs? We’re hoping that you’ll leave with a greater appreciation of the value of stretching and some inspiration on how to add them safely into a workout – whether at the beginning, during or at the end! … Read More

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