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Arches and Pendulums: Imagining the hip joint in basic movement

The hip joint is designed to provide stability while allowing for the mobility of our legs. Understanding its design and movement can provide us with everyday tools that can teach us how to properly access the joint and its powerful muscles. This can lead to functional movement, such as walking and going up stairs, that is efficient and confident. In her book, “Taking Root to Fly”, Irene Dowd (1995) describes the structure of the femoral heads, or tops of the thigh bones, as pillars of the arch that is the pelvis (Dowd, p. 21). When we stand, the femoral heads rest deeply into the top of each hip joint (acetabulum) providing us with strength, balance and endurance. But the positioning of our hip joint is not only reliant on how it is placed, but also on the muscles that support, move and balance it. At one time or another, most … Read More

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Why We Love Pilates

Although Pilates is more recognized as part of mainstream fitness compared to 10 or more years ago, there are many who still are unclear about its benefits. While it can be debated that different Pilates approaches or perhaps more to the point, different Pilates exercises, are more beneficial than others, there are a few gems amongst the many that Pilates can offer. Below are some that show how its stood the test of time and why it is such a wonderful method of exercise. Coordination Pilates is a concentration of precise movement patterns, that focus on correct positioning and alignment. At first, the movement tends to stay in one plane – we’re either moving the torso forward or back, to the side, or through a rotation. Additionally, the Essential exercises tend to focus on moving either the arms or the legs, while keeping the torso more or less in a … Read More

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Knowing Your Client

With summer officially over, we’ve seen regular clients resume their workout routines while new clients resolve to commit to a weekly Pilates program. It is undoubtedly a busy time and often clients will switch to a different instructor’s schedule for whatever reason – a change, a scheduling conflict or a fresh perspective on a workout they’ve been doing for a while. Change is inevitable and very often a good thing. But a smart instructor will remember that each client has a different focus, a different idea in mind of what the hour should achieve and a different way of connecting into the exercises and their body. Knowing your client beyond their physicality is as much a part of their workout as the exercise program you create for them. Mastering an understanding of the exercises and modifications for common postural alignments or musculo-skeletal limitations is all good and well and absolutely … Read More

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Scheduling Realities

One of the benefits of working in the fitness industry is that we can often claim the status of independent contractor. This allows us to organize our schedules in a way that guarantees we are in control of them. For Pilates instructors who pursue other interests, such as dance, athletics, acting, academic pursuits, etc. being able to manage their own schedules can ensure that these activities remain priorities. As we work towards establishing and retaining a large enough client base that produces a steady and reliable income, we also have the opportunity via our scheduling to focus on personal goals. Below are 4 points to consider as you learn to organize your time and create a schedule that establishes a successful and strong client base. 1) Prime Times When establishing your schedule at any given studio, make sure you’re clear on the prime times. Often, having a good reading of … Read More

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Studio³ Continuing Education Program

In March 2012, Studio³ will be introducing a 2-streamed Pilates Continuing Education program. Designed for the Pilates professional, we are committed to providing workshops that are informative, affordable and time-efficient. The Studio³ Cornerstone Series® are workshops aimed to inspire instructors to go deeper with what they’ve learned in prior educational programs. The workshops are designed to provide a more thorough understanding of how to find new programming ideas and focuses within a time honored repertoire of Pilates exercises. Additionally, the Cornerstone Series® will present workshops that focus on the business and time management aspects that are vital parts of the Pilates industry. Our March Cornerstone Workshop will take a better look at the Introductory Pilates Session. In our April Cornerstone Workshop we’ll work on creating a more exciting and diversified Intermediate Equipment-based workout. The Studio³ Specialized Programming Series® will focus on providing instructors with workouts and programs that place an … Read More

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