Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, Pilates has evolved from a fitness regime once thought exclusive to dancers to a coveted workout that benefits those looking to get in shape and those whose goals are to keep active in daily activities with minimal pain and increased vitality. Pilates has proven to be beneficial for both the professional athlete and weekend warrior, as well as the physically fit who want to increase their stamina, muscle endurance and the all important mind-body coordination and connection.

Pilates involves exercises on both specialized pieces of equipment and on the floor, working to accommodate your goals and needs. While it is known as a key choice of workouts to strengthen the body’s core, including the abdominal muscles, back and shoulder girdle muscles, its staying power as a workout lies in its quick progression to becoming a full body workout. Not only will you find your larger muscles toned, but Pilates will target the layers of muscles, getting into the deep ones that will improve posture, expand lung capacity and create longevity in everyday and extracurricular activities. As the original mind-body workout, Pilates challenges and improves your coordination which works with your mind and mental focus.

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