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T.O.R.S – Task Oriented Reactive Stability CLASSES starting in March at Studio3

  tor /tôr/noun plural: tors: meaning hill or rocky peak. We’re keeping that definition in mind as we emphasize Task Oriented Reactive Stability. What’s that mean for you? It means functional sequences to increase your strength in balance. It means building on the movement tasks we do every day and challenging them so that your reaction in an unstable environment (stairs, curbs, street, hiking trails, bikes, ice) is driven by strength, proprioception and stability, not hesitation or lack or control. It means developing transferable strength that goes from the studio to everyday life. It means confidence in moving forward and upward. Classes will include: Pilates Reformers ,Cadillac, standing spring system, free weights, core, balance and coordination work. Starting in March, join us. Every Monday & Friday from 10am-10:45am Level:  Absolutely everyone and all levels. To register: Please visit our schedule.

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Leave Your Shoes at the Door (How to be an even better Pilates instructor)

Often, when we’ve worked with a regular client over an extended period of time, it’s easy to become complacent with the type of workout that you’re offering. Being physically and mentally tired or preoccupied with other things can lead to mediocre workouts that reflect your mood and energy levels. While it isn’t realistic to drop everything that’s important and of concern to you for your clients, you need to have the self-expectation and discipline to be able to situate whatever is on your mind somewhere else for the hour. Trying to focus on your clients needs to guide the session will shift attention away from whatever it is you’re thinking about. In order to do this, it’s imperative (metaphorically speaking – although literally as well at our studio!) that you  ‘leave your shoes at the door’. There is no doubt, that I have walked into many a studio preoccupied with … Read More

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Every Breath Your Client Takes: Programming For A Better Breath Pattern

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the average person takes between 17, 280 and 23, 040 breaths per day. Something to think about as Pilates instructors because not only is it a Pilates principle that we’re constantly cueing, it is perhaps the only one that clients will do (efficiently or otherwise!) without any cues at all. If they’re in the Pilates space, they’re breathing! Recently, in order to take the cueing and use of this principle a little deeper for both my clients and myself, I’ve tried to adapt it based on how connected each client is to their breath pattern. Unsurprisingly, and yet something we perhaps don’t pay enough attention to, I’ve found that; A) Everyone uses their breath differently from everyone else, B) Every workout brings a different breath connection and perhaps, most crucial for us as Pilates instructors, C) Nobody recruits the same breathing technique for their … Read More

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What are you thinking about?

2014 is well underway and so are many resolutions to get into shape. But for those who long ago committed to making fitness part of their regular routine, you may find yourselves entering the year with the same weekly schedule that ended 2013. For lots of us, making sense and creating order out of very hectic schedules takes a lot of time and coordination. So if it isn’t broken, why fix it? But while the logistics of getting your once, twice or three weekly workouts are set and have been for quite some time, what should you do if you find your mind drifting once you’re in that specific class on that specific day, at that specific time?  In other words, what can you do to help recharge and refocus the workout so that it’s worthwhile and indicative of the time you allot to it in your busy week? Here are a couple of suggestions … Read More

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Learning Underwater: learning to scuba dive and how it applies to Pilates

My husband and I have just successfully completed our Open Water Scuba Diving Certification with a wonderful, talented instructor from Blue Dive PADI Scuba Certification named Adriana. We finished the 2 day open water portion of our certification on the Agincourt Reefs in the Great Barrier Reef, North Queensland, Australia.  While the intensity of scuba diving far surpasses any type of Pilates workout, there are a few things that I picked up as a student learning something new and exciting.  I think these aptly apply to what we learn and how we teach a Pilates workout. 1) Keep Breathing – Forever emphasized by our instructor, it amazes me how much we can do with our breath and how quickly things can go wrong when we hold, stifle or restrict it. Remembering to breathe, albeit in very different circumstances, is not only key in calming yourself in various situations, but is … Read More

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