What is The Pilates Resource Catalogue?

The Pilates Resource Catalogue is designed primarily for Pilates instructors as an ongoing resource of programming content, workout variety, professional development support and exercise review.

It’s meant to connect the dots between learning Pilates in certification programs and teaching Pilates to clients. The overall goal is to provide instructors with an online platform that helps them define their teaching style, improve their programming skills and establish a long lasting, committed clientele.

Regular, monthly content releases will include a selection of:

  • Focused exercise reviews that provide both complementary and supplementary movement options to build your client programming
  • Exercise sequences that can progress and vary workouts and movement sessions
  • Comprehensive explanations of how to set clients up on the equipment, how to modify effectively and where to cue and focus your attention with a movement pattern.
  • A variety of accessible, Pilates inspired, movement focused workouts on the equipment and mat.
  • Access to recordings of our in-studio workshops and corresponding notes
  • A section devoted to The Business of Pilates which includes worksheets, videos, slides and interviews to help you start, navigate and establish a successful Pilates career.
  • Easy to use note-taking feature that stores your programming and client notes in a secure account that you can access on or offline to integrate into your teaching

Set to launch in Fall 2023, the long term vision of the PRC is for it to be a resource where questions can be answered, discussed and expanded upon through video, interviews and the collaboration of other instructors and industry experts.

I’m interested!

**Please keep me posted on early release of content samples, the Fall launch and all things related to my Pilates continuing education!