Revisiting the Introductory Pilates Sessions: A Road Map to Better Pilates Programming

This workshop is about understanding the intent of the first 1-3 sessions with new Pilates clients so you can assess where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Learn how to engage clients in these initial workouts so that their movement experience shows them both what they can do and what they have the potential to do in training with you. We’ll focus on more the practical Pilates exercises that are key to add into the introductory sessions as well as how to integrate the foundational Pilates principles over a sequence of exercises as they pertain to that individual.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how and what to learn from your clients initial workouts in order to program effectively
  • Understand how integrating the principles through exercises is a better tool for retention and awareness
  • Become familiar with key factors of how adults learn so that they are engaged in their workouts, retain what you’ve introduced and continue to work with you.

Date: Sunday, February 6
Time: 10am – 1pm
Instructor: Carla Ricalis
Cost: $105 + HST
Maximum number of participants: 4
Great for: new instructors looking to strategize their introductory sessions in order to retain clients, create strong programming and develop the skills to be able to customize workouts.