Pilates with Purpose

This is an all level class that will put you through the moves that will continue to integrate mind-body awareness and functional strength.

The 60 minutes workout will allow for optional props to add additional weight, resistance and proprioceptive challenge.

Build your strength, increase your focus, enhance your balance and deepen your mindbody connection with this dynamic flow online class designed for everyone!

Length: 60 minutes
Optional Props: Flex band, light hand weights, towel)

*Please note: this props are optional and not required to enrol. The instructor will modify/adapt accordingly. Please email evangeline@studiopower3.ca for details.

Ideal for: Adaptable All Levels – due to the small group class size, this class is suited towards all levels. It can be progressed/regressed to accommodate most levels of fitness and well being to provide a challenging, safe and suitable workout.