Pulling from the Reformer to Strengthen on the Mat: Arabesque/Attitude on Reformer

By: Carla Ricalis

Our Instructor Master Classes are going strong on Wednesdays and Fridays. As we move beyond the Pilates mat repertoire, we’re exploring functional strength patterns that are inspired by equipment based exercises.

Instead of mimicking movement from the Pilate equipment onto the mat, we’re pulling different components from one exercise. This creates sequences of movements that can help our clients (and us!) with strength development and movement awareness. And it’s a great way to get ready to be back onto the equipment and move through some challenging workouts! Below, are 2 exercises we’ve pulled from the reformer Attitude/Arabesque. In this exercise there are at least 4 different focuses needed to make it strong, accessible and rewarding:

  • Spinal Stability in Extension.
  • Hip Mobility
  • Should Girdle Strength
  • Standing Leg Endurance

Check out how we’re strengthening each one in these 2 mat based exercises:

Arabesque/Attitude – The exercise we’re pulling from:

Spinal Stability/Shoulder Girdle Strength/Hip Mobility:

Standing Leg Endurance:

For more great programming options and workout ideas, join us in our April 18 workshop and our weekly master classes! See you on the mat!