#Pilates at Home: How to get the most out of your #home Pilates practice

By: Carla Ricalis

We’ve heard from so many clients about the convenience and joys of being able to do their Pilates at home. While many are missing the Pilates equipment and can’t wait to get back into the studio, they’re keeping their strength and energy up by joining their instructors virtually. And they’re amazed at what they’ve been able to accomplish and stick to regularly.

If you still haven’t tried Pilates or Yoga online or are looking for a way to refresh your current online exercise routine, here’s a few things to get you started:

Connect with your instructor beforehand

Whether you’re thinking about doing private training or joining a group class, it’s a good idea to reach out to your instructor and give them a bit of information.

Let them know your fitness goals, current exercise routine and any issues that you’re working with right now.

This is standard practice in private training. But it’s a great bonus for Pilates and Yoga classes because if the instructor knows more about their participants, they can provide some quick modifications and exercise options. And the chances are pretty good that others will also benefit from them.

Props and Equipment: maximize options when options are limited

Being at home means that equipment is a bit more limited. So depending on what you want to focus on, purchasing some smaller equipment could add variety and challenge to your workout.

If your budget (or space) is tight, think about buying equipment that can’t be replaced by something around the house.

For example, a Pilates Flex Band is hard to substitute, but a light hand weight to add into your upper body exercises? Easily switched out with water bottles or soup cans.

And while a stability ball probably won’t be easily replaced and is worth the investment, a yoga strap can be switched out for a belt and a block can be switched out for a book – just add a grip pad on top for stability on an anti-slip surface.

Be part of a group instead of the masses

Going online has strengthened the teaching skills of so many Pilates instructors. One of the takeaways is being able to see clients movement patterns even more clearly because we aren’t able to move around as much; we’re developing the skills to hone in at fewer angles.

While the price is right in a larger group class setting, instructors aren’t always able to provide you with the details and corrections that they’ve come to develop from working online.

So if you’re looking for a group class where the instructor gets to know you, can cue you and correct your movement, then consider a Pilates or Yoga studio that offers smaller group classes.

Be consistent and take the time

I think most of us have a lot more time available these days. And this can set the pace to commit to things last minute or from week to week.

But that shouldn’t include your Pilates or Yoga sessions . We’ve found that those who commit to regular class times and days just stick with it. By making it a priority in your weekly routine, you keep the consistency, build the strength and notice the results. If you find a class that works in your schedule, book it in several weeks in advance. And if you’re training privately with an instructor, ask them for a regular, standard time that works in your schedule so that you don’t need to constantly rebook or cancel.

When you find the time that works, give yourself 10 minutes before to get ready: clear your space, grab your water, get your equipment ready and set up your computer.

By taking the time to prepare you’ll be able to transition out of work or house mode into Pilates or Yoga mode that much quicker and get more from your workout.

Ritual and Routine

If you were someone that went to a Pilates or Yoga studio before the pandemic, in many ways you were taking part of a self-care ritual; you took the time to drive or walk to the studio, change into workout clothes and move into a space where you’d be guided through your workout by an instructor for 60 minutes.

Being at home doesn’t mean you need to deny yourself that part of the workout; it just means you need to rejig it a bit.

So leave the phone on silent or better yet, in another room. Close the doors and let your co-workers and family members know that you’re unavailable for the next hour.

Working out at home doesn’t diminish it’s value to your well-being.

Taking the time to make it a priority by placing a bit of routine and ritual around your session, you’ll find that you look forward to doing your class each week.

And as we’ve all learned over the last year, we can’t underestimate the importance of having things to look forward to in our daily routines.

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