Samantha Gosse

Some of you have already met Samantha virtually while setting up your online accounts; we’re thrilled to have her join us as our Remote Studio Administrator.

As an actor turned scientist, Samantha has been in the health and fitness industry for several years completing two Fitness and Health Promotions diplomas. Additionally, she holds a BASc in Kinesiology and is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Samantha’s customer service skills were honed as Supervisor of Membership Sales and Service at the YMCA in Edmonton and were further established as a physiotherapy and research assistant(s).

Samantha still does acting as a hobby, loves anime, sci-fi and comic books and paints cartoons to destress…

With her positive attitude and sunny disposition, Samantha has made the process of moving all of our client accounts online easy and accessible. We encourage you to reach out to her at for instructions on how to setup your online account to see your schedule, payment history and with any other questions you might have.