Linda Griffith

What is Yoga to you in 3 Words?

Mind. Body. Connection.

Why I love to teach

I’m constantly gratified when students understand what the body should be doing in every posture, whether it’s attainable or not. The enlightenment that comes from accessing one’s muscles, appreciating how to and why it’s necessary is a eureka moment every time. I’ve been practicing yoga for 18 years and teaching for 10 and while every class is different the fundamentals remain the same so it’s an opportunity for perpetual growth for teacher and student alike. I never stop learning about my body and I strive to impart that so that the ultimate experience is one of self-knowledge no matter at what level.


  • 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher training certification in 2008 with Grace Morales and MyLinda Hutchins (Charlotte, North Carolina, 2008)
  • Dual Maj., French & Indust. Psych. (Cape Town University, 1998)

Continuing Education

  • Body Harmonics Towards a Healthy Pelvic Floor, Toronto, Canada, 2023
  • The Science of Good alignment, JP Tamblyn-Sabo, Toronto, Canada, 2023
  • Introduction to Neuroscience and Yoga lead by Dr. Jonathan Rosenthal (online conference, 2023)
  • Systematic review and meta-analysis of the effects of meditation on empathy, compassion, and prosocial behaviours with Christina Luberto ,PHD (online conference, 2023)
  • How compassion meditation enhances empathy and changes brain activity with Dr. Jennifer Mascaro (online conference, 2023)
  • Yoga for Neuropathy & Stroke with Arlene Schmid, PHD (online conference, 2023)
  • The Science and Affects of Yoga on Stress and Burnout with Dr. Sar Bir Khalsa (online conference, 2023)
  • Introduction to Neuroscience with Dr. Ben Rein (online conference, 2023)
  • Therapeutic on the Lower Back, A. Palkhivala, online, 2018
  • Devotion in Motion: Prana Vinyasa as a Living Altar, online 2018
  • Inversion Workshop with Todd Norian (Toronto, 2017)
  • Immersion Workshop with Jason Crandall (Ottawa, 2015)
  • Yoga for Anxiety with Tama Soble (Toronto, 2011)
  • “Art of Sequencing for Specific Purposes” with Rodney & Cindy Yee (Toronto, 2010)
  • “A Teacher’s Exploratorium” with Maria Garre (Toronto, 2010)