Denise Mitsche

What is Pilates to you in 3 words?

Strength. Good Posture(alignment). Functional movement.

Why I love to teach

I love to teach Pilates because I enjoy helping clients progress as they learn more and more about their own bodies and become more aware of how they move through space.
What is also rewarding for me is when what clients learn in the studio is transferred into their daily life outside of the Pilates space making their daily tasks a little bit easier. As an instructor, that’s when you know you are doing something good for your client’s and their body and mind!


  • Franklin Method Certification (Toronto, Canada, 2015)
  • STOTT Pilates Full Comprehensive Certification (Toronto, Canada, 2003)
  • National Ballet School of Canada (Toronto, 1987)

Professional Experience

  • Dutch National Ballet, Dancer (Amsterdam, 1987-2001)

Continuing Education

  • Balanced Body Strength, Balance & Fall Prevention for Active Aging Certification (Toronto, Canada, 2023)
  • Movement of the Upper Quadrant: Thoracic, Cervical and Shoulder Girdle (Toronto, Canada, 2019)
  • Functional Movement: Knee, Hip, Shoulder Focus with Katy Bowman (online, 2017)
  • Franklin Method Dynamic Abs/Sit to be Fit Workshop (Toronto, Canada, 2014)
  • STOTT Stability Chair Workshop (Toronto, Canada, 2013)
  • STOTT Barre Conditioning (Toronto, Canada, 2012)
  • STOTT Core Conditioning on Stability Cushion (Toronto, Canada, 2011)
  • STOTT Halo Workshop (Toronto, Canada, 2010)
  • STOTT Pre/Post Natal Workshop (Toronto, Canada, 2008)
  • STOTT Lumbo-pelvic Stability Workshop (Toronto, Canada, 2007)