Linda Griffith

Linda started her yoga journey in 2002 in Greenwich Connecticut where she practiced hot yoga and gentle hatha yoga, two very different forms which gave her a small perspective of the tremendous range and differences between the various branches of yoga. Having practiced ballet for many years she was attracted to the physical benefits, as well as the mental focus required to deepen her skill level.

In 2007 having quite literally ‘fallen in love’ with the yogic approach to physical and mental well being, she trained as a teacher with Grace Morales and MyLinda Morales Hutchins in Charlotte, N.C. She completed and is fully certified as a Power Yoga Teach at the 200 hour level.

Since moving to Toronto Linda has been fortunate enough to participate in the Art of Sequencing for Specific Purposes workshop under the keen eye of Rodney and Cindy Yee as well as Maria Garre’s workshop “A Teacher’s Exploratorium” and Tama Soble’s “Yoga for Anxiety.

Linda brings an inner focus to her teaching that encourages her clients to be mindful of approaching their yoga practice with a calm and positive energy. Her teaching style encourages clients to work safely and with awareness through challenging yoga poses and series.

Linda’s commitment to bettering her own practice allows her to provide her clients with a yoga experience that encourages better energy flow and greater mental clarity. Her greatest satisfaction as a teacher comes from watching the transformation that takes place amongst her students as they realize their own potential and the opportunity to access yoga in order to create change in their lives.

Linda feels privileged to be a part of the Studio3 team.

To contact Linda, please email her at:

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