Janet Lee

Janet received her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Ontario College of Art and
Design in 2013.

Her work in various office environments was counterbalanced with a passion for activities such as rock climbing and weight training and eventually, her interest in physical movement led her to STOTT Pilates.

Janet began her Pilates practice in 2015 and immediately felt the benefits it had on her own body’s misalignments. She developed a strong interest in the biomechanics of Pilates and enrolled in the STOTT Pilates comprehensive training program. She successfully completed her training in the summer of 2017 receiving an honours mark on her examinations.

Janet has a passion for working with people and helping them achieve their goals. Her focus is on training clients who have specific obstacles in their movement patterns. She takes great interest in the development of their individual exercise programs to help improve and challenge them to new levels of strength and body awareness.

As the newest addition to the Studio3 team, Janet is continuously mentoring and training under senior instructors at the studio and participating in ongoing continuing education series.

Her caring and energetic personality sets the tone for her classes and motivates her clients in a positive and safe way. And her detail to cueing, alignment and corrections helps her clientele optimize their training and integrate their Pilates into other aspects of their fitness regimes.

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