David Taylor

David was first introduced to Pilates as he was preparing to tackle his first marathon – a “Pilates for runners” course that set in motion what would later become his career. His passion for endurance sports engaged David regularly with Pilates workouts and as he advanced his athletic training to become an Ironman athlete he found that the key to success for all three athletic disciplines was Pilates.

With a stronger musculoskeletal system developed through a committed Pilates workout, David found that he was able to train longer and harder without encountering the usual overuse injuries that had been an ongoing hindrance in the past.

At the beginning of 2013 that David decided to take what he was already so engaged in and make it his full time career. Upon deciding to switch careers, he enrolled in the STOTT Pilates Certification Centre in Toronto, Ontario and successfully completed the STOTT Pilates Full Certification Program.

As an instructor whose unique niche is creating Pilates workouts that are challenging, effective and progressive for athletes at any level, David has quickly become a sought after instructor in Toronto.

Establishing a committed clientele in several downtown studios’, his passion and enthusiasm for Pilates is what draws clients to his classes and his positive, diverse teaching approach is what keeps them coming back. As one who truly practices what he preaches, David’s classes provide inspiration, awareness and most of all, a fantastic, fun and rewarding workout.

To contact David, please email him at: david@studiopower3.ca

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