Bianca Bolissian

Hailing from Brazil, Bianca Bolissian began dancing at the age of four and completely fell in love with it.She dedicated every moment she could to performing and focusing on body movement, which led her to a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance at UNICAMP in Campinas, Brazil. It was there that she discovered that while she loved dance and movement her true ambition was to combine her talent with her new found passion for teaching.

When life brought her to Toronto in 2006 and she discovered the STOTT PILATES Studio Bianca knew that she truly wanted to become an instructor. She progressed quickly through her training and in 2008 was invited to become an Instructor Trainer for STOTT PILATES teaching at head office and representing the company internationally.

As an enthusiastic and dedicated instructor, Bianca is continually upgrading her skills and expanding her knowledge with various methods of fitness training. Most recently, she has completed and teaches the Gravity Training System and TRX. Her passion for the Pilates work and her commitment to her client’s physical progress allows her to work with them in achieving their personal goals, regardless of their fitness level. Her patience and ability to explain the exercises in a concise manner compliment her outgoing and caring personality resulting in workouts that are effective, challenging and fun!

To contact Bianca, please email her at:

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