Instructor Workshops & Education Series

Skills Development Program

Our Continuing Education Workshops and Master Classes are designed to inspire, refresh and inform Pilates instructors at all levels.

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Ongoing Instructor Master Class Series

Recharge and refocus with Studio3’s Instructor Master Classes.

Join us online as we move through workouts that are designed to keep instructors moving, motivated and connected to each other and their own training. Each 4 weeks series will have a different focus and include various pieces of equipment based on what is available to registered participants.

Taught by Studio3 owner, Carla Ricalis, these series are limited to 8 people, and will be offered at various times throughout the months to accommodate instructors’ schedules.

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Open to all instructors at every level of experience and training…join us!

Instructor Continuing Education Workshops

Our Studio3 workshops are kept small (4 participants in person, 6 participants online) to cultivate a collaborative and inclusive learning environment that ensures the well-being of all participants. We want to prioritize the opportunity to learn and learn well. 

Most of our workshops are adaptable for online or in person training and all of them include handouts. To request more information or details about booking, scheduling and pricing, please contact us at 

Whether you’re beginning your career as a Pilates instructor or are established with a strong client base, we welcome you to take a look at what we’re offering and please share with us any feedback or suggestions on what you might like to learn more about.

Format: Online or In Person
Length Options:  3 hrs (mat), 4.5 hrs (equipment) or 6 hrs (mat & equipment)
Equipment: Mat based (Online or In Person), Equipment based (In Person)
Ideal For: Instructors in training, New instructors and Established instructors

This workshop will access some of the more challenging, advanced level Pilates exercises to introduce innovative programming and functional sequences for your clients. 

Our Advanced Programming Development workshop focuses on mat based exercises, equipment based or a combination of both.

This workshop will include:
  • A comprehensive breakdown of select intermediate/advanced Pilates exercises
  • An interactive discussion of targeted muscles and the key exercises to strengthen
  • An understanding of using select exercises as building blocks
  • The appropriate use of exercise modifications and variations.
Format: Online or In Person
Length Options:  3 hrs (mat), 4.5 hrs (equipment) or 6 hrs (mat & equipment)
Equipment: Mat based (Online or In Person), Equipment based (In Person)
Ideal For: Established instructors

It’s not uncommon for instructors to find that the traditional Pilates workout and approach can initially be too challenging or limiting for some client’s range of motion and/or movement accessibility. This workshop will address challenges in programming. 

By introducing indirect programming options in the form of spirals and rotations, we can re-introduce more traditional programming so that the exercises are more effective and efficient. 

In this workshop, participants will learn the benefits of adding rotations and spirals into their clients' workouts to improve their overall Pilates experience. 

This workshop will include: 
  • Specific movement sequences that are accessible for clients
  • Modified exercises for the experienced essential/basic intermediate client
  • A breakdown of the differences between spirals and rotations 
  • A dynamic discussion of the value of integrating spirals and rotations to improve clients’ Pilates workout
  • An integrated workout of the learned exercise sequences and known Pilates exercises that moves participants through the benefits of indirect programming
Format: Online or In Person
Length Options: 3 hrs (mat), 4.5 hrs (equipment) or 6 hrs (mat & equipment)
Equipment: Mat based (Online or In Person), Equipment based (In Person)
Ideal For: Established instructors

Building from the Level 1 Spirals & Rotations workshop, Level 2 will teach longer and more complex movement sequences that can be included into an intermediate/advanced level Pilates workout.

In this workshop, participants will learn the sequences in a comprehensive detailed manner before being guided through an intermediate/advanced Pilates workout that integrates the learned.

This workshop will include:
  • Longer, more complex movement sequences that can be included into an intermediate/advanced level Pilates workout
  • An intermediate/advanced Pilates workout that integrates the Level 2 spirals and rotations sequences.
  • As in Level 1, an exploration of indirect programming as sequences that move the client differently from the specific movement within the targeted Pilates exercise to achieve strength, awareness, mobility and efficiency.
  • Learning different ways to mobilize, stabilize and create awareness in the body.
How is this different from Level 1?

This Level 2 workshopped workout will expand on the rotation and spiral exercises in Level 1 to create full body sequences. The continued purpose is to:
  • Provide clients with a challenging workout to improve their Pilates experience
  • Move in different and simultaneous planes of motion
  • Explore spatial and proprioception awareness.
The goal of these movements is to offer instructors a different approach to programming with the intent of assisting their clients to access some of the more challenging Pilates exercises.
Format: In Person
Length Options: 3 hours
Equipment: All equipment
Ideal For: Instructors in Training, New instructors

This workshop is about understanding the intent of the first 1-3 sessions with new clients so you can assess where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Learn how to engage clients in these initial workouts so that their movement experience shows them both what they can do and what they have the potential to do in training with you.

We’ll focus on more the practical Pilates exercises that are key to add into the introductory sessions as well as how to integrate the foundational Pilates principles over a sequence of exercises as they pertain to that individual.

This workshop will include:
  • Learning how and what to learn from your clients initial workouts in order to program effectively
  • Discussion on how integrating the principles through exercises is a better tool for retention and awareness
  • Discussion of the key factors of how adults learn so that they are engaged in their workouts, retain what you’ve introduced and continue to work with you.
  • Exercises that can assess, adapt and address clients issues in order to build programming
  • 2 programmed workouts that exemplify integration and progression.
Format: In Person
Length Options: Additional 3 hours
Equipment: Mat & Equipment based
Ideal For: Instructors in Training and New Instructors
Prerequisite: Initial Revisiting the Introductory Pilates sessions Workshop*

*This workshop is offered as an additional 3 hours workshop to the first Revisiting the Introductory Pilates sessions to make it a full day (6 hours) workshop

This adjacent workshop will include:
  • Real client movement assessments
  • Reviewing Par-Q, questionnaire
  • Breakout groups for programming development
  • Deeper dive into working with new clients and how to retain them successfully with the 40/60 rule
Format: Online (lecture/discussion style workshop)
Length Options: 3 hours
Equipment: Mat based & small equipment
Ideal For: New and Established Instructors

Offered as a standalone or complementary lecture discussion to any Studio3 workshop, this workshop discusses in greater detail how to teach adults movement.

We’ll touch on different teaching approaches that take into account what motivates adults to learn something new and maintain a regular practice.

Participants will engage in a discussion that is structured around how to program effectively so that improved self awareness and cognitive skills parallel the overall physical progression of every workout.

This workshop will discuss:
  • The importance of learning better self awareness within the context of movement
  • The instructors role and limitation in assisting clients with greater self-awareness
  • The components of an andragogical (adult) teaching approach and how they can be integrated into teaching Pilates more effectively
  • Examples of a dynamic adaptive model of teaching Pilates exercises that includes a regression/progression approach to programming
  • Differences between ‘high level awareness’ and ‘granular’ programming as tools to assess a client’s coordination level and proprioceptive awareness
  • Strategies to program for clients based on awareness/proprioceptive assessments
Format: Online (lecture/discussion style workshop)
Length Options: 4 hrs
Ideal For: Instructors in Training, New Instructors & Established instructors

As you complete your Pilates certification, knowing what to do next is imperative in successfully establishing your Pilates business and career.

Whether your dream is to own a bricks and mortar studio or have the freedom as an independent contractor, learning how to clearly define your goals and understanding the key steps to achieving them translates into a confidence and focus that will draw clients and studio owners alike.

Taught by Studio3 owner Carla Ricalis, this workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive checklist of some of the key elements that need to be in place in order to move seamlessly from their certification to the start of a successful and rewarding Pilates career.

This workshop will discuss:
  • Business models: clearly define what your career looks like to you
  • Startup capital and initial costs: what’s optional, what’s not
  • Setting up your business: what comes first and why
  • Insurance: what, where, why and how much
  • Sole proprietor vs incorporation: what makes sense for you
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping: getting you started
  • Getting hired and approaching studios: how to prepare and what to ask
  • How to market yourself: when and where
Format: In Person
Length Options: 20 hours over 5 Sessions
Equipment: Mat & Reformer
Ideal For: New Instructors & Established instructors

The purpose of this course is to provide certified Pilates instructors with a better understanding of how to teach selected Pilates exercises in order to program more effectively for a diverse population of clients.

Through a clear and concise breakdown of selected exercises from all levels participants will develop stronger client programming skills that are defined and progressive.

Over the course of the five sessions, participants will move through 8-10 workouts that emphasize:
  • Teaching skills
  • Programming choices
  • Appropriate equipment selection
  • Various exercise levels
Participants will be guided through a breakdown of selected exercises focusing on various aspects of the course objective.

This course will include:
  • Understanding the exercise objective
  • Learning where to look to establish effective cues and correction
  • Discussion of common disconnects to the exercise and how to teach to educate your clients on how to minimize them.
  • Better programming choices that focus on conjunctive exercises that work to strengthen target area
The goals of this program include:
  • Providing instructors with a deeper knowledge on the following teaching tools and approaches:
    • verbal skills (effective cueing and correcting)
    • tactile cues (appropriate hands on assistance)
    • visual (what to look for and where to look)
  • To assist instructors in strengthening existing teaching skills
  • To encourage thoughtful, customized programming that is focused on the individual client and their particular needs
  • To engage in a dialogue of the interrelationship between client retention and ongoing professional as well as self-development

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