In Studio Improvements


The province of Ontario has announced that Stage 3 businesses in Toronto can soon reopen and we’re thrilled to announce that Studio3 will be open for private and tandem appointments starting Friday, July 31, 2020.

We ask that you take a moment to review the guidelines below on how the space and your sessions will be different. We’re committed to a safe, healthy and stress free environment for everyone who is looking forward to re-starting their Pilates and Yoga training.

All of us at Studio3 thank you for your patience, support and cooperation during this time and we’re excited to welcome you back in person. YAY!! See you at the studio…

Prior to restarting at Studio3

  • Please touch base with your instructor to confirm your new start time
  • Please set up a secure, online Studio3 account for payments in order to limit in-person contact transactions. We’ve provided 2 easy ways for you to do this:
    • To begin, go to the Studio’s mindbody online webpage
    • Fill out the information requested under “Personal
    • Enter your credit card number in the encrypted, locked personalized account under “Billing Information
    • Send Samantha Gosse, Studio3’s online MBO account administrator an email at and confirm that you’d like to set up autopay which will prompt the system to automatically process payment for your next package when you’ve completed your current one. — ORemail Samantha with the option to help set it up over the phone
  • Consider purchasing your own soft Reformer Loops for your added comfort and ease (*please note that our studio soft loops are sprayed thoroughly after each use with disinfectant and rotated out each week for a machine wash)
  • Please wear socks for Pilates equipment training. We’re recommending Shashi socks – made in Canada, good grip, lots of styles (Guys – take a look at the Shashi Essentials Basic Collection under Socks on their website)

When you first arrive for your sessions

  • Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your session start time. We will be unable to let you into the studio any earlier
  • Please arrive in your workout clothes and with minimal bags, purses and extra items
  • Please leave your shoes outside of the main studio doors
  • Please use hand sanitizer located outside of each door
  • Please bring your own face mask to wear into the studio. Face masks must be worn entering the studio and in shared spaces (entrance, hallway, bathroom, office). We are requesting that all clients wear masks for the duration of their time in the studio as a consideration to others and for their own health. If wearing a mask compromises your breathing or comfort level, please let your instructors know. Instructors will be wearing masks at all times**.

(**Please Note: The equipment has been moved to allow for social distancing. There will be no ‘unpredictable’ movements from others as clients and their instructor will stay within their area of the studio for the duration of the session. We’ve reduced the number of booked clients in the session at one time.

  • Please sign your session sheet and a COVID-19 waiver/release form with a clean pen located at the front of the studio

(**Please Note: The studio will be phasing out the hard copy sign in sheets by August 31 in order to minimize contact. You will be able to monitor and reference your sessions via your MindBodyOnline personal account that you can set up with the instructions above)

Cleaning & maintaining social distancing within each session

  • Lysol wipes and hospital grade, Health Canada approved natural disinfectant Benefact for cleaning all equipment at the end of each client use
  • HEPA Grade Air Filters in studio
  • Used equipmentbins in each work space to ensure smaller equipment is cleaned & disinfected before returning to shelves
  • Hourly and daily clean & disinfecting of all touched surfaces and equipments
  • All flex bands and tubing have been removed from the studio in order to minimize surfaces that are difficult to clean
  • All equipment has been spread out into studio training stations to ensure social distancing between clients and instructors
  • Monthly professional sanitization and disinfectant of entire studio spaces with Zoono, a disinfectant technology that is colourless, odourless and completely gentle for humans and animals. When sprayed or ‘fogged’ onto the surface, the Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield leaves behind a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the the surface and kills a wide range bacteria, viruses and fungi. Take a look here for more information
  • Single seat waiting area at front door to limit close contact between clients
  • We won’t be offering In Studio small group classes for the time being. Please take advantage of our online group class schedule for some great options and workouts in the interim.

What will be different in your training sessions at the studio

  • We’ve organized instructors shifts to have staggered start times in order to ensure there is no crowding at the start/end of client session.
  • We’ve reduced the number of instructors/clients in the space at any given time.
  • We’ve allocated 15 minutes in between every session to thoroughly disinfect and clean all equipment used as well as touched surfaces and common areas
  • Masks will be worn by your instructors and some may opt to wear eye protection.
  • We’ve introduced a temporary 12 hours cancellation policy to give you the opportunity to cancel your session without being charged if you’re experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

(**Please note: if you arrive at the studio symptomatic we won’t be able to train you and you will be charged for the session. Given the mandated guidelines, you will also have to rebook your next session 14 days after)

New to the Studio3 Team: Samantha Gosse

Some of you have already met Samantha virtually while setting up your online accounts; we’re thrilled to have her join us as our Remote Studio Administrator.

As an actor turned scientist, Samantha has been in the health and fitness industry for several years completing two Fitness and Health Promotions diplomas. Additionally, she holds a BASc in Kinesiology and is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Samantha’s customer service skills were honed as Supervisor of Membership Sales and Service at the YMCA in Edmonton and were further established as a physiotherapy and research assistant(s).

Samantha still does acting as a hobby, loves anime, sci-fi and comic books and paints cartoons to destress…

With her positive attitude and sunny disposition, Samantha has made the process of moving all of our client accounts online easy and accessible. We encourage you to reach out to her at for instructions on how to setup your online account to see your schedule, payment history and with any other questions you might have.

Welcome to the Studio Samantha!