Advanced Level Programming: From the Top Down: *NEW DATE*: May 24, 2020

Drawing from the Advanced Pilates Repertoire, this workshop will breakdown selected exercises from several Pilates apparatuses as well as the Mat. Participants will learn how to develop ‘exercise-oriented’ sessions that are rooted in the more challenging Pilates movement patterns.

Focus will be placed on how to mindfully cater these exercises to the more experienced clientele and move them beyond the choreography. Through a in-depth breakdown, you’ll gain better programming tools that will effectively challenge your clients and strengthen their proprioception, self awareness, balance and endurance.


Sunday, May 24, 2020


10am – 4:30pm (6 hours)


Carla Ricalis and Jeff Ong




8 participants

To Register and for more information: please call 416.964.3939 or email