Upper Quadrant: Dynamic Assessment, Function and Movement Sequences: June 7, 2020

Along with a variety of bio-psycho and social influences, the upper quadrant movement system is comprised of the co-ordinated interaction between the articular, myo-fascial, neural and connective tissue systems of the body.

Join us in this 6 hours workshop as we integrate a thorough review of where and how to look at key areas of the upper quadrant that will inform your programming development.

Learn new innovative movement sequences and different ways to use the Pilates equipment that will isolate the upper quadrant as well as integrate its patterning into full body exercises designed to increase client awareness and adaptability through proper positioning and strength.


Sunday, June 7, 2020


10am – 4:30pm (6 hours)


Carla Ricalis & Jeff Ong




8 participants

To Register and for more information: please call 416.964.3939 or email info@studiopower3.ca