Holistic and Osteopathic Services

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a dynamic form of bodywork that has been in practice for over 2500 years. The massage is conducted on the floor on a very large mat with the client fully clothed in loose, comfortable clothing. No oils or lotions are used.

The practitioner moves the client through various yoga postures and stretches (being mindful of any limitations the client may have) while compressing and palpating the muscles of the body to deepen the stretch, increase range of motion and stimulate circulation.

Using their hands, elbows, knees and feet, the Thai practitioner accesses pressure points along the energy lines (meridians) of the body which can release any physical and emotional blockages.

You will be lulled into a blissful state of relaxation.

Denise Mitsche is a fully licensed and insured Thai massage practitioner. She has been practicing this wonderful method of bodywork for 7 years, after completing her training at Thai massage Toronto. Denise is licensed through the City of Toronto as a Holistic Practitioner and is insured through Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC).

To book an appointment with Denise, please contact her at denise@studiopower3.ca or call 647.678.9764


  • 60 min. massage $95 including HST ($82.65 without tax)
  • 90 min massage $115 including HST ($100.05 without tax)
  • 120 min massage $145 including HST ($126.80 without tax)
Rehabilitative Manual Therapy/Osteopathy

Restore motion, function and health with this gentle assessment and manual treatment that focuses on your individual needs. This hands-on therapeutic technique emphasizes the interrelatedness of the entire musculoskeletal system – bones, muscles, cartilage, ligaments and joints. Using a protocol that is principally based on restoring the structural functionality of the body through integral manual therapy, this approach to alleviating pain and misalignment rebalances the soft tissues and joints of the body to improve circulation.

Rehabilitative Manual Therapist, Jeff Ong is completing his final year of Osteopathic study at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and is available for private appointments at Studio3.

To book a session with Jeff, please contact him at jeff@studiopower3.ca


  • Initial 45 minutes assessment: $60.00
  • Subsequent 30 minutes sessions: $50.00