Evangeline Brouwer

After receiving her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Ryerson University, Evangeline spent over 20 years in the hospitality industry. Managing professional teams and providing high levels of service excellence in the Fairmont Hotel establishments of Whistler, San Francisco and Singapore, she developed a passion for working with others and providing customers with superior quality service.

The successful rehabilitation of a back injury through STOTT Pilates® inspired Evangeline to focus on her avid love of fitness and pursue her STOTT Pilates® Certification. In 2015 she completed her comprehensive training at the STOTT head office in Toronto, Ontario receiving a qualifying mark for Instructor Trainer status. She has since been training clients and offering group classes both in Mississauga and Toronto.

In addition to her love for providing excellent service and working as part of a successful team, Evangeline is a lover of fitness; in particular running and skiing. The diversity of Pilates helps maintain the strength gained from her rehabilitation program while providing a challenging workout that focuses on endurance, flexibility and coordination. In addition to a weekly Pilates routine, Evangeline also practices Yoga.

Evangeline’s discipline to maintain her own weekly Pilates workout along with her passion for working with others are the building blocks of her commitment to helping each of her clients along their own journey of better health and greater wellness. Known for her fun, easy going approach Evangeline strives to develop programs that challenge effectively and emphasize the quality and long lasting results that drew her to Pilates. Her continuous involvement in workshops, seminars and classes fuels her curiosity of the human anatomy and movement and provides her with the tools to work with a diversified clientele that is drawn to her distinct teaching style and inspiring Pilates classes.

To contact Evangeline, please email her at: evangeline@studiopower3.ca

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