Alexandra Morgan

Alexandra (Alex) was first introduced to Pilates as a complement to her dancing while growing up in Hamilton, Ontario. Initially drawn to it as a form of conditioning that balanced both her strength and flexibility, she began to attend classes regularly in order to keep her conditioning as a musical theatre performer and young athlete. This practice kept her both grounded and injury free while attending university in Nova Scotia. And as she travelled to India and beyond during her post-graduate years, her daily Pilates workout kept her connected to the familiar, ultimately following her back to Canada where she decided to pursue her teaching certification.

Alex completed the STOTT Pilates full certification program in 2013, working in both Hamilton and Toronto studios. Now based exclusively in Toronto, she divides her time at several studios in the city, including Studio3.

Known for her ability to create thoughtful, customized workouts that cater to all abilities and ages, Alex strives to strike the same balance she originally found so appealing of Pilates through her teaching. A sought after group class instructor, she also has established herself as an instructor whose strength lie in diversified, fun and challenging personalized private sessions.

Alex is a firm believer that individualized and tailored Pilates programming will enhance your daily life and increase your awareness and efficiency of movement. Her ability to focus on each client with care and attention makes their time at the studio more enjoyable and ultimately, transitions the functionality of Pilates training beyond the studio walls and into client’s everyday lives.

Alex holds a BA in Theatre and Sociology (Honours), from Acadia University.

To contact Alex, please email her at:

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