Ah Rom Lee

After studying a double major of Psychology and Business Administration, Ah Rom received her Bachelor’s Degree from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. Upon graduation, she worked for 8 years at IBM in sales and digital marketing. Her position required her to build relationships between IBM and multinational corporation clients as well as execute several creative marketing campaigns. It was within this role that Ah Rom developed her passion for working with others and was inspired by the opportunity to teach.

Ah Rom has been doing Pilates since 2013 when she was introduced to the method as a way to improve her posture. She quickly felt and saw the long lasting results of a Pilates body; one that was strong with more energy; that had a mind-body connection with greater focus. This personal transformation led Ah Rom to pursue the STOTT Pilates Full Comprehensive Instructor Training Program, which she completed in 2018.

Ah Rom has a strong interest in motivating people and teaching those who want to learn how to strengthen their own bodies. Her approach to teaching is led by the intent of deepening her clients awareness of how to move functionally and efficiently to alleviate pain and optimize energy. She loves to make people feel their best through the practice of Pilates and her goal at the end of every session is for her clients to feel stronger, more energized and physically engaged.

Ah Rom’s individualized exercise programs are adapted for each of her clients. She makes working out fun and rewarding by focusing on their individual needs. And her attention to detail emphasizes proper recruitment of muscles and efficient movement patterns that work towards attaining and surpassing their physical goals. Ah Rom’s enthusiastic energy, professionalism and positive approach to working with others motivates not only her clients, but also those who work with her in the studio.

In her spare time, Ah Rom enjoys swimming and running. Ah Rom regularly participates in continuing education workshops and seminars to stay up to date on current mind-body research and development.

To contact Ah Rom, please email her at: ahrom@studiopower3.ca

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