FAQs on Pilates

Why is Pilates a good exercise choice for me?
If you’re already active Pilates can compliment your existing exercise routine by improving balance, co-ordination and core strength. And if you’re new to exercise it’s the perfect choice for improving posture, flexibility, & toning your entire body. For those of you coming to Pilates through an injury, our fully trained instructors have you covered! It will get you on the road to a healthy recovery because of its detailed and specialized exercises work that work to support the muscles closest to the joint for optimal stability and function.

Can you define the idea of ‘programming’ for me?
During your first session we will establish what your goals are, teach you the foundation of Pilates and emphasize an ideal postural alignment that’s key in every workout. From there, each session will progress through a layering of new exercises as both your body and mind become more focused and ready for the challenges of movement that works your balance, endurance, coordination and all the key muscles that work deep to every joint. Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to incorporate Gyrotonic, yoga & weights as desired.

What are the benefits of a private studio vs. a gym environment?
Some people can be intimidated and overwhelmed by the larger gym environment; so many machines and different pieces of unfamiliar equipment, where does one begin?

In our intimate studio, there is no need to worry about prying eyes, waiting for unavailable machines or the threat of injury due to lack of experience. Our instructors will give you full attention for one hour in a private, semi-private, or small group setting. Making the most of your time and money you will see results and be more likely to stay committed!

Should I do private or group classes?
The majority of our clients work in private sessions. It is a good idea, but not necessary, to take at least one private session for proper attention and assessment. Semi-privates, with a partner of similar fitness abilities are also an excellent choice and still provide you with the detailed cues and correction. In addition to one of either a private or semi-private session, or perhaps instead of, group classes maybe better suited to fit your needs. We limit our groups to 4 participants maximum in order to provide quality and attention, creating a safe and well rounded workout. Please check our group class schedule for details on classes and times, or contact the studio for information on how to arrange a group class for you and your friends!

How many times a week should I train?
Depending on your goals and existing fitness routine, one to three times a week is appropriate. Doing a combination of private, semi-private, or group training will also stimulate, add variety and work to keep things interesting.

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