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Why We Love Pilates

Although Pilates is more recognized as part of mainstream fitness compared to 10 or more years ago, there are many who still are unclear about its benefits. While it can be debated that different Pilates approaches or perhaps more to the point, different Pilates exercises, are more beneficial than others, there are a few gems amongst the many that Pilates can offer. Below are some that show how its stood the test of time and why it is such a wonderful method of exercise. Coordination Pilates is a concentration of precise movement patterns, that focus on correct positioning and alignment. At first, the movement tends to stay in one plane – we’re either moving the torso forward or back, to the side, or through a rotation. Additionally, the Essential exercises tend to focus on moving either the arms or the legs, while keeping the torso more or less in a … Read More

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Another Olympic season has ended and as I reflect upon the sporting fervor that swept across the world, that for once united instead of divided different nationalities, it seemed that all eyes were focused on the ‘competition’. The effects that these monumental two weeks of extraordinary feats have been, in my mind, all round positive. I watched, intrigued, as my son took to the pool, his sister sitting dutifully alongside timing his laps, correcting his strokes, shouting encouragement. The trampoline was in nigh constant motion with somersaults and split legged leaps and shouting of scores. Tennis was played, the neighborhood jogged. It seemed that a mere two weeks did more to bring out their sporting urges than their entire school careers combined. Of course, where there is sport so too is there conflict. Perhaps not in a negative way, but certainly in a competitive one. Comparison of strength, endurance, stamina … Read More

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Taking a Breather…

The long and hopefully hazy days of summer are approaching and certainly from my point of view my yoga practice will be somewhat interrupted. In many ways, I dread the break in routine. In others, I embrace it because, after all, that’s what summer is surely about – a change in daily pattern. Many yogis, and certainly the type I aspire one day to be, have a daily discipline they follow regardless of time, place and vacation space. Sadly, I confess, this is a plateau I have yet to reach, as when I travel, I leave behind my mat literally and figuratively. In many ways, a break is a good thing. Stepping away from the perimeters of ones usual flow gives one a chance to look at it objectively; assess where it helps, where it hinders and how to better the experience. I’m all for a break now and then. … Read More

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Taking a Yogic Break

A frequent issue of concern which arises consistently as the long holidays approach is how much flexibility and ability one will lose when stepping away from the mat and onto the beach, or into ski boots, or wherever travels might lead. The loss will be minimal and quickly regained. My answer may be surprising but it is one that I have found consistently true in my own case. Although, as a teacher I risk alienation implying I ever take leave from my mat. But I still contend, that the loss will be minimal and quickly regained. Reality is however, that I one who leaves my may untouched from time to time. Much as I aspire to being that yogi who leaps from bed no matter where the bed is, and does nothing before spending twenty minutes in meditation and sun salutations, I am still working on that level of discipline, … Read More

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A Yogic Lesson

I supposed any ‘exercise’ in life, be it mental or physical, is a learning opportunity on a number of levels. Something that dawned on me the other day whilst in the midst of teaching a yoga class and I have been pondering it ever since. Herewith my findings, which I hope, might give you pause to think – and possibly benefit from in a variety of realms. It’s natural as one becomes more familiar with poses, postures, routines, teachers and directions, that one starts to pre-empt. So confident are we that we know where we are going that the inclination to really listen is somewhat impaired. Often, although I have clearly stated a command, a pupil here or there, front row or back, it matters not, will be so engrossed in what they think I’ve said that they place the opposite foot, in the wrong pose. Indeed this happens to … Read More

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